Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Work in clay

Some of the work I have been engaged in here at Rudolf Steiner College has been focused on the processes of metamorphosis in clay. One of the first big projects we did revolved around polyhedral transformation. This was a great will exercise, it took three days and alot of patience to move the clay from a hexahedron (cube) to a octahedron (diamond) and back again. I wish I got more pictures from the actual process but my hands were full of clay. Here is the finished octahedron

The next exercise was focused on plant transformation. We created a clay relief showing the stages of plant life. If you look carefully you can see the sprout, the first leaves, the blossom, the ripening of the fruit, the forming of the seed, and a returning to the earth. The first photo is of my project, but I have included others that caught my eye.

Now we are working on the transformation of the 7 planetary seals. Look for more pictures tomorrow as we just got started.

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