Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the road, day one

On the road today to Rudolf Steiner college. I am driving my 1971 beetle named Clementine. Loaded down and comfortably cruising, I have a strange feeling. I pass some workers putting up a huge speed limit sign. It must be 15 feet tall. I get passed by a big truck or two. I feel all out of scale, like the world is getting bigger yet I am the same size. Or perhaps I am shrinking, like Alice, although I don't remember eating any cake. All the road signs look bigger, and have you stopped to clean your windshield lately? The squeegees are monstrous too! Adding to the eerie feeling I come across this truck


Now after 500 miles or so it is time to rest. Thanks Nevada for the free campite. I don't even need to put up my tent. I will just lie on the ground next to the huge picnic table. Nighty night.

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  1. Love the update. The bug photographs so well.

  2. The basket on your bike cracks me up. Nice campsite.