Thursday, June 21, 2012

On the road... Day 2

It was a cold night in the Nevada mountains around Illipah reservoir. My sleeping bag was pulled tight around my face and I was just dozing off to sleep, when suddenly I felt a rush of little feet across my face and into my sleeping bag! Yikes! What a sight I must have been dancing around, still in the bag desperately trying to unzip it and get what ever beast was in, out. All the while my mind racing, What could it be, a spider, or worse? Finally I get the thing back out the face hole in my mummy bag and get the zipper unstuck and down. I grab my flashlight and scan the area for any critters. In the corner of the fence near by I see the smallest little mouse, looking just as scared as He took one look back at me and zip under the fence. All's well that ends well, I guess, all I got for the trouble was a little scratch on my cheek. Good thing it was not a weasel, I thought with a smile as I tried to fall back asleep thinking of the old Mothers of Invention record.......

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  1. Mice can really get me freaking out. They are really so cute but I squeal just like in the movies. The cool night sounds great. We are going to be at 102 today.

  2. Funny story! This is the feeling I have everytime I'm in my sleeping bag minus the mouse. Those darn zippers.